All inclusive marketing.


What we do.

Pass Me The Controller specialises in all inclusive marketing. This means we do everything in-house, from creating marketing plans to cutting trailers and doing PR. We even make websites too!

We offer flexible pricing on our services, from fixed-fees to a percentage of your first few months of sale. We don’t take your IP and you keep publishing rights, allowing you to stay in control and, perhaps most importantly, independent.

We offer the following:

About us.

Unlike other marketing and PR firms, we come from a creative marketing background. We’ve made trailers, marketing assets , expos booths and more. We know what goes into creating the assets which will define, and ultimately sell, your game.

We’ve also previously created and released games on Steam, and even have a background in games journalism. We understand just how hard game development is, and what it takes to be discovered by the people who matter most.

Selected portfolio.

Put together booth art for Paris Games Week - November, 2017
Put together booth art MCM Comic Con - October, 2017


Use the form to contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly! Don’t forget to include:

  • Details about your game (feel free to send us a demo or footage of the game in action),
  • What you’re looking for from us – do you want us to do all of your marketing, or are you just looking for a trailer from us?
  • If you’re interested in a particular payment scheme (such as fixed fee), then tell us!
  • If you just want to ask a few question, then please go ahead! Contacting us doesn’t lock you into anything :).
  • PS: Your email address won’t be sold or shared.

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