Some Of Our Favourite Games From Ludum Dare 42

Ludum Dare is the largest and longest running games jam in the world and its most recent jam, Ludum Dare 42, ended last week. Now it’s time to vote on the hundreds of games that were created in a weekend and decide which is the best. Every Ludum Dare has a theme, and this year was no different, with the theme for Ludum Dare 42 being “running out of space”.

Developers were very creative in how they tackled the theme with some taking it literally and others being far more aloof. Over the past few days, we’ve been going through and voting on some of the entries. Even though there are still loads more games to see, here are some of our favourites so far. Read buff’s blog article about Valorant buff.

The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy

What’s immediately striking about The Not Very Golden Age of Piracy is the game’s beautiful pixel art which perfectly conveys the game’s concept. You take control of babies, using them to pick up cannon balls and fire them at the enemy ship which just so happens to be manned by chickens. Sending a bunch of chickens to the depths of the ocean isn’t the only objective though. You also have to repair your ship from oncoming fire by moving a baby over the damaged section. It’s the perfect storm of سكس لبناني gameplay, as players are forced to choose between repairing their ship and doing damage to the enemy. The game’s incredibly exciting and fits the theme well.

The Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager is one of the darkest games I’ve ever played as article shows. The player is tasked with stopping overpopulation on Earth before 2118. In order to achieve this, the player has to use various abilities to kill off the population. These abilities require money though, so if the population isn’t constantly profitable then the player is in trouble. That’s where the drugs come in. It’s nice to see such a unique take on the “running out of space” theme. For this reason, you should definitely check out The Human Resources Manager.

Grid Weaver:

Grid Weaver, which was created in 48 hours by a single developer for the Compo jam, somehow manages to make spiders incredibly cute. With stunning pixel art and a fantastic game feel, Grid Weaver is an incredibly polished game considering the time limit. Players must shoot invading bugs on their spider web before the insects their way through. Using grid movement, as well as a bullet system which requires the player to move to gain more ammo, Grid Weaver is an exceedingly deep game. Shooting other insects feels great, and the ever decreasing space makes the game incredibly tense.

Tiny Towns:

Tiny Towns is a puzzle game that’s very hard to put down. The concept is simple, players have to build a town to a set of objectives using only a few elements, such as houses and parks. Once successful, players will move onto the next level. This creates a bite-sized gameplay loop that really sticks. Finding a way to use all of the various elements to match the objectives is truly a brain teaser and the low-poly graphics make the game great for casual players. It’s a must play. We would love to see more of Tiny Towns.

Reasonable Claustrophobia

In Reasonable Claustrophobia, the player is tasked with defeating all the enemies in a level before continuing to the next. Not too difficult, but there’s a catch. If a bullet from either the player or the enemy shoots the left or right wall, that wall will move forward, making the level smaller. Naturally, some of the levels are built around manipulating this mechanic to defeat the enemies, creating a puzzle-game like feel. The tension is high, as players not only have to make sure that they don’t get shot, but also that a bullet won’t hit a wall unnecessarily. The great sprite art and fantastic game feel, making Reasonable Claustrophobia highly enjoyable see more info at norske casino.

Those are some of our favourite games from Ludum Dare 42. Click on the link underneath each game to vote for them, and visit Ludum Dare to see more entries. Finally, don’t forget to check out our entry to Ludum Dare 42!

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